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Bang & Olufsen

KEY INSIGHT: Current showrooms do not reflect the B&O philosophy. They are conventional, acceptable and ordinary...and intimidating

STRATEGY: Design an experience grounded in the B&O ethos.

Create an art gallery, not a boutique, that uses photo quality lighting.

Remember that the space is about people, not just televisions, color samples and price tags.

DESCRIPTION: The question was, how to display the product in a manner befitting the B&O philosophy, while still meeting the practical requirements of an A/V showroom?

We separated the space into three separate functions. The first is sales, second, are traditional demonstration areas. Third, are areas which we designed to display the pieces as art objects, some as abstract sculptural groups, with no relationship to their functioning. (all “display only” objects can also be found in various locations around the showroom as part of the “demonstration areas.”)

Finally, the integration of the space and concepts must create a seamless experience that incorporates an ideal display environment for the objects, encourages people to come in from outside, stay inside and have options to explore the products on their own or with a sales person’s assistance. This last element is important because B&O showrooms often feel intimidating and inaccessible to the walk-in shopper, a market segment B&O is interested in attracting to items like phones and mobile accessories.

We chose to create a “gallery” space that would focus on studio quality lighting, displaying objects as art in abstract sculptural groupings or hung like paintings, and principles of human interaction. We wanted the space to be light and open with multiple seating areas to encourage both circulation and generate interest in spending time inside, exploring the various areas of the showroom. The objects and demonstration areas are strategically located throughout the space to encourage the sense of play and exploration.

OUTCOME: The opening at Hennessey Center was a resounding success with both the public and with the head office at B&O Denmark. The scheme was approved for renovation of all remaining showrooms in Hong Kong and for the development of new locations throughout China. Discussions are ongoing regarding using the design scheme to renovate other showrooms around the world.

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