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Today, the business climate changes rapidly and new challenges are the rule, not the exception.

However, many organizations fail to respond appropriately because they lack a structure that values and actively engages its most important resource: human capital.

The LaunchPad Program creates an internal system that builds sustainable, long-term growth based on the central theme of re-valuing human capital.

The program creates a new experience of work that combines structured ‘20%’ time, a scholastic learning model, and mass career customization.

LaunchPad works with clients to develop a program that combines learning and doing. Each participant dedicates one quarter per year to formal classes and projects. For the
remaining three quarters, employees develop, coordinate, and participate in their own 20% projects.

The Core Curriculum is tailored to the company and provides opportunities to learn new skills and practice them at the same time. During this time, one day a week is divided into two class periods in the morning and a project workshop in the afternoon where learnings are applied to actual projects driven by employee interest or current need
based challenges within the organization.

LaunchPad delivers a new experience of work grounded by the core meanings of accomplishment, freedom, and validation.

Because an engaged workforce is the source of creative capital and the foundation for an agile, growth-oriented organization, companies working with LaunchPad will be suited to compete in today's dynamic business landscape.

LaunchPad works with Fortune 500 companies that desire a higher performing work force and new ways of solving problems, but do not know how to structure their
organization to promote a culture for innovation.

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