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Our Vision: Provide FREE! Clean Public Water Access & A Means to Carry Water/ Promote a climate
for change
Project Mission: Our mission is to design a system of experience that creates a climate for meaningful change
Project Goals: Eliminate Waste and Provide convenient access to public potable water
Build Community/ Educate & Inform

In the United States, the waste problem is enormous and shows few signs of diminishing without concerted and directed effort.

Many of the factors that support this model represent the realities of a market economy and change will come about not by goodwill, but by exerting pressure on the marketplace.

Water is necessary for life and the desire for clean water and convenient access has spawned a system that is not sustainable in the long term. Water must be carefully managed as global demand begins to outpace the availability of fresh water for industry, agriculture and
most importantly, clean drinking water.

This issue is gaining momentum in the global marketplace but few strategies exist to promote changes that will ensure the ongoing availability of this most essential resource.

Our relationship with water has become so removed and commoditized that people have lost touch with the relative scarcity of fresh drinking water and the need to conserve and protect it.

Only .007% of all water on the planet is available for drinking but you might not notice that when deciding if you want one liter or two, sparkling or still, flavored or plain, imported or domestic. People drink water because they are thirsty and they buy it bottled because it is convenient.

What would happen if clean drinking water was free and readily available?

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