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KEY INSIGHT: Expensive fly fishing reels are shipped in a protective box...that you throw away.

STRATEGY:Turn the packaging into a product. Eliminate waste and add value for the customer.

DESCRIPTION: This was an independent project that I pitched to Lamson / Waterworks. After visiting with a plastics manufacturer at a trade show it occurred to me that a huge source of packaging waste could be eliminated by turning the packaging into a value add product.

I worked with the manufacturer to design, prototype and eventually produce the finished product.

The Real Case is a superior storage system for your reel. This is a product that makes sense, both from a consumer standpoint and from the perspective of a company that sets the standard for premium reels.

As a consumer, it’s a reel case that has superior functionality and provides peace of mind. Is your reel safe? If it’s in a “Real Case” then the question need not be asked.

As the manufacturer, I believe the product says to the consumer, “You invested with us and we’ll help you take care of that investment so you can pass it on to your kids.” This is a legacy sport after all. 

OUTCOME: My initial concept was presented as a replacement for existing retail packaging and a standalone retail product. After nearly a year and a half of ongoing discussions and prototype reviews, Waterworks/Lamson agreed to show the concept at the 2006 World Fly Fishing Expo as a retail product only.

Due to very positive response from customers and retailers Waterworks/Lamson ultimately decided to implement the design as a retail package and retail product. In 2008 all 30,000 reels will be shipped using the new “Reel Safe” package.  

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