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The "Moral Compass" Assignment

"Create a visual representation of your moral compass"

The graphic above is my self portrait for this assignment. The principles, values and beliefs closest to the issue at hand have the most influence. I attempted to capture the nuance of a complex value system because I believe ethics can not be broken into a simple binary system of interpretation.

I've always believed part of being a successful designer is to try and see the world the way it is, not how I want to see it. This also applies to how I view myself.

Why would I put this personal information on a website for all of my potential peers, co-workers, and employers to see? Transcendant solutions come from good teams that work well together. Knowing yourself and the willingness to communicate openly is an essential part of being a member of a high performing team.

The team practice of self reflection is not about "me" imposing will or ego, it's about "us" reaching maximum potential by working together gracefully.

Throughout the dMBA we routinely shared these assessments when new teams were formed. It helped us understand each other, significantly shortened the "norming" stage of team building, and allowed us to work effeciently and supportively.

I found this to be a critical part of good team communication, building trust, and mitigating dysfunctional conflict. You will find some samples of my personal results to the right.



  Personal Assessments


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