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The first thing I need to point out is that you are NOT supposed to be strong in every category. If you are, you cheated.

This assessment is pretty self explanatory. The most notable aspect is my low performance in "monitor" and "coordinator."Basically that means I hate making schedules and I hate micro managing. I'm fine with that. I appreciate people who love to plan, because I'm glad they can do it and I don't have to.

My strength is in seeing the big picture, the overall system, which means that I like strategic planning but not scheduling. For example, I'm fine with deadlines but don't ask me to tell you how I will spend my time in order to meet that deadline.

Visionary/Innovator Role
     Creative Problem Solving - Developing New Knowledge
     Living with Change - Life Long Learner     

Mentor Role
     Understanding Self and Others
     Interpersonal Communications
     Providing Feedback/Developing Others

     Conflict Management

Director/Project Leader Role
     Effective Delegating
     Taking Initiative

Producer Role
     Logical Problem Solving
     Effective Use of Power and Influence

This chart is simply a detailed breakdown of the categories above.

  Personal Assessments


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